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Counsellors Value Feedback!

The reality of working with a counsellor is that sometimes you may be out of sync.

Maybe a strategy they've suggested isn't quite right for you, perhaps they've misunderstood your concerns, maybe you feel they're moving you along a bit to fast, or not fast enough.. Whatever it is, you'd be happy to know that counsellors REALLY value feedback!

Your feedback is welcome and helpful (to both of you!)

As counsellors we really do want you to get the most out of counselling and if something doesn't sit right with you we want to know so we can offer you the best support possible! Remember counselling is a collaborative process and you will get the best out of it if you're able to be real about what is and isn't working and/or helpful!

**If you don't feel comfortable telling your counsellor, then please reflect on why this is. At no time should you feel that the counsellor doesn't have the ability to hear feedback that would progress your counselling

What are your thoughts? Do you think giving feedback during counselling is an important part of the process?

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