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Help, I think my friend needs counselling!

Supporting a friend during a difficult time is such an important thing to do, but also there’s times we sense they may need some more help than we can offer. 

So how can we suggest they seek more support?

  • Be honest with them. Let them know that you really want to see them navigate the situation positively and that might mean speaking to someone with some skills in the area. 

  • Share your positive experience with counselling (if you‘ve been yourself).

  • Do your research and share that you’ve heard this person has experience working with people going through similar experiences.

  • Let them know you still want to support them even though you’re suggesting extra help.

This is really where the R U Ok Days are so great & at the R U OK website you can find even more great info on having these types of conversations.

And finally, if you’re the friend that’s helping to carry some heavy stuff right now, look after you too! Consider debriefing with a counsellor yourself. 

We can’t pour from an empty cup!

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