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Help! I've got to bring the kids.

Been wanting counselling but no one to look after the kids?

Not a problem!

Here at Dark Wood Counselling I am passionate about you getting the support you need even if it means having the kids in tow.

Will there be a bit more noise, possibly, will we get distracted every so often, potentially, will I be bothered by that, no, will you get a chance to share, absolutely!

I have 3 children myself so I'm pretty experienced at being able to hold a conversation with noise and playing in the background. Whether that's online with them in and out of camera shot or in-person. I would much rather you come and begin receiving the support you need then waiting for the 'ideal' time.

✪ Added bonus - your children are exposed to counselling and you take away the stigma of getting help for the next generation!

❂ If you are here on the Sunshine Coast and need to bring your children with you to counselling then just let me know and I will make sure I have some toys out ready for them.

Have more questions? Contact me today.

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