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What to expect when coming to counselling.

If you've never been to counselling before then here's a few things to expect ⇣ ⇣

A warm & friendly welcome.

The first thing you should expect is a warm and friendly welcome. We know coming to counselling might be daunting for some. But I want to make sure you're met with a friendly face and feel this is time and space that you can share openly and honestly. And I believe that all begins with the welcome you receive!

Time spent getting to know you.

The first session we will spend some time getting to know a little about you. We might discuss your family, your work, hobbies, who's in your support network, how your physical health is, if you've previously been to counselling and if there has been any significant changes in your life recently.

Discussing the why?

We'll take some time to understand what brought you to counselling. Is there a specific reason you've reached out now? If you've been to counselling before, finding out what you've found both helpful & unhelpful. Do you have any goals for your counselling journey?

A safe & confidential space.

Counselling is a time that you are able to share your thoughts, feelings, emotions, values, desires and so much more. This can initially may feel like a daunting thing to be so vulnerable with a 'stranger'. And this is why it is so important to know that what is said to your counsellor is confidential*. What is said to your counsellor remains with your counsellor. The notes, intake forms, and any other documentation your counsellor may have for you all remains under electronic lock and key.

*Please note if you, or someone you know is at risk of harm then the necessary authorities may need to be contacted in order to keep you another person safe.

A place to be seen & heard.

Counselling is YOUR hour. It is a time for the counsellor to focus on you. To hear your story, your concerns, your worries, your hopes & dreams. It's a place to be understood and as a counsellor it is the biggest privilege to offer this safe space to be seen and heard.

At a pace that's comfortable to you.

As I said, it can feel foreign to share so openly and vulnerably with a 'stranger' and this is why we want to make sure that the we work at a pace that is comfortable to you. I don't want to push you to reveal your deepest darkest secrets 5 minutes after meeting but counselling also requires a willingness to push pass the 'safe' conversations. We won't be talking about the weather for 60 minutes, but we also wont journey to parts of your story that you may not be ready to share yet. Our counselling is what we call, person-centred.

What now?

At the end of our session we will do a quick recap of what we've talked about and discuss what we might do moving forward. We may do some grounding exercises so that you leave feeling safe and we can look at scheduling in your next appointment if needed.


If this sounds like something you've been looking for then please reach out today to find out more information or book online today.

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