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Multiple Counselling Sessions

Let's take a look at why you should consider multiple counselling sessions.

❅ Life is messy

We often come to counselling thinking we have one specific thing we'd like to focus on. But as we start sharing we realise that actually there can be many different things intertwined within the one area, or, many different areas that you'd like to work on.

🛠 Building phase

It can take time to build trust and therefore to feel comfortable enough to share the really tough stuff. the Stuff you may feel a lot of shame around, the things that don't follow the 'social norm'. The more you trust, the safer you feel, the more you may get out of your counselling sessions.

The more you trust, the safer you feel.

🎉Celebrate, encourage & challenge.

The longer you know someone, the more they know your wins and loses, your joys and hurts, you goals, your hopes and your old ways of coping.

The longer the counselling relationship goes on the more your counsellor is able to help you celebrate the ways in which growth has happened and encourage you to continue or challenge you when you may need it.

☒ No need to repeat.

Your counsellor gets to know your story. You don't need to start right back at the beginning every time.

They'll likely help you find insights into your journey because they've been travelling with you a while and begin to see how the dots connect.

So what?

So that's just a couple of pros to considering multiple sessions. And we think it's that important that we've even come up with some booking bundles at discounted rates to give you just one more reason to consider booking multiple sessions!

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