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Define Counsellor?

What even is a Counsellor?

Counsellors are qualified professionals who get the privilege of helping clients help themselves.

Counsellors use talk therapy, along with some other handy resources, to develop their clients self-awareness and understanding in order to make the changes they want in their lives.

A counsellor is someone who listens attentively to clients, helping them explore their thoughts and feelings, identifying patterns of behaviour, and assisting them in finding healthy ways of coping or positive ways to move forward with their problem areas.

Counsellors adhere to ethical guidelines and professional standards to ensure the well-being and confidentiality of their clients.

As a qualified counsellor, Jess is a member with two counselling bodies, PACFA & CCAA.

So what does that mean?

That means that Jess has met the training and qualification standards to become a registered member with PACFA & CCAA, as well as committing to ongoing professional development & supervision to ensure her work with clients continues to be effective.

What's that got to do with you?

It means you can trust that Jess has the relevant skills, qualifications and experience to be practicing as a counsellor. It also means she's committed to her own self growth and professionalism ensuring you are supported in the best way possible.

If you have any more questions, or wondering if Jess is the right fit for you then you can book a FREE 15 minute initial consult!

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