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Counselling for Birth Trauma

Counselling for Birth Trauma

What might this look like?

Giving birth can be, for some women, a traumatic event. According to the Australian Birth Trauma Association, 1 in 10 women emerge from childbirth with PTSD and this can have a significant impact on our journey into motherhood, our relationships and our physical and mental health.

It is important to seek support if you have experienced birth trauma and here are a few of the things you could expect during a counselling session at Dark Wood.

It's important to remember that this is always at your pace and in a way that you are comfortable with.

We may:

  • Explore your pregnancy journey

  • Discuss your birth experience

  • Understand your previous expectations around birth and pregnancy

  • Look at the impact the trauma may be having on you relationship with your child and/or partner

  • Recognise any physical affects and their implications

  • Consider a way forward

Trauma is when we experience something stressful, frightening or distressing and this can look different for different people. What is traumatic for one may not be for another so it's important not to compare your experience to others in a way that might minimises or dismisses your experience.

Seek Support

If this is something you believe has or is impacting you then please seek support today. You can book an appointment online today for a face to face, video or telephone counselling session. You can also find helpful information at the Australian Birth Trauma Association website.

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